For the last couple of months,  the whole world has experienced the pandemic of COVID 19, including Indonesia. Therefore, many activities had stopped for a while, people started to work at home and almost all of the public facilities were closed. This situation is hard for everyone in every aspects, especially economy. Then to revive the economy of the country, the government introduced us to the “New Normal” era. The Era where the beconomy started to be reopen again, people can go back to work, many public places and services also reopen, including car rental services, like Evan Trans Lombok. In order to implement the new normal, we need to follow the health protocol, like wash your hands with soap frequently, wear a mask, keep the physical distancing and maintain the cleanliness. As a public service provider, Evan Trans Lombok ready to give you the best facilities in this new normal Era. We provide you the clean cars and motor bikes because we always clean our vehicles right before it is rented to our customer.

Rent a car is needed for many people because people still need to mobilize to help their productivity. As the spokesman of the Indonesia Covid 19 management, Achmad Yurianto, said that people need to back to their productivity in the new normal era. Then, mobilization is one of the way to help your work and productive days. Since the flights also slowly open to Lombok, People come and visit Lombok for many purposes and of them is for business purpose. If your company have the business at Lombok, of course you will need a car to make your work effective since you have to move from one place to others. But still, you need to pay attention to the health protocol, like not driving a car with too many passengers to implement the physical distancing and you need to keep the cleanliness of the area that often being touched, like the steering wheel or other part of the car.

If you ready for the health protocol, then you will be ready to rent a car from Evan Trans Lombok. We provide you many options of cars. We have Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Agya, Toyota Innova, Avanza and even a Bus if you needed. You can kindly check our homepage to see our collections and the price we offer. We also give the special prices in this new normal condition.

If you need a car only for a drop, we also provide you drivers that know well about any location at Lombok. They’re very friendly and can give you some recommended place or meals that you can try at Lombok. They’ve been experienced in driving for years, so you don’t need to feel hesitant about their professionality.

So, you ready for the driving? Contact us through our e-mail or Whats App number.

Also, don’t forget to be well prepared for your healthy while driving by :

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hand with soap frequently
  • Bring the hand sanitizer in your bag
  • Don’t drive with too many people in the car
  • Spray the parts of the car that you frequently touch with disinfectant

Be prepared, be healthy and enjoy your driving with Evan Trans Lombok!