Spending your time at Lombok for a holiday is a very nice option. You will see many beautiful places in Lombok and mostly the nature spots. But many people also go to Lombok for business trip. Well, whether your visit at Lombok is for business or holiday. It will be better if you drive your own car.

Lombok Does not Provide Public Transportation Like at the Big Cities in Indonesia

Lombok is not like the big cities in Indonesia that provide you public transportation.We don’t have the bus or other public transportation. That is why driving a car by yourself is the best option. Since that is impossible for you to bring your own car to Lombok, the best solution is Car Rental. We are from Evan Trans Lombok providing you various types of Car that you can choose.

Rent a Car for the Implementation of the Health Protocol

Rent a car especially in this New Normal Era is very good for you. It helps you to implement the health protocol, like avoiding to direct contact with many people. Driving a car by yourself will also give you more space and privacy. We have many cars for rent with 4 seats, 6 seats and more.

You can choose based on your accompany. If you come to Lombok with only one partner, you can choose Toyota Agya automatic that provide you 4 seats. With two seats empty, you can have the physical distancing. But if you come with more friends, you better choose Daihatsu Xenia or Toyota Avanza with more seats. These all for our safety and healthy.

Evan Trans Lombok is the Rental Service that You Need

As a professional Car Rental service, we always make sure that we can give the best facilities and service to our customers. We clean our car before it is rented by the customer and we make sure our driver that deliver you the car to your location to wear a mask and keep the physical distancing. Therefore, you can drive around at Lombok without feeling hesitate and scare. We are all implement the health protocol, that is what Mohamad Faozal, head of West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office guarantee to give you health and nice experience while you are at Lombok.

Go check our price list to make you easier to choose the units. You also can contact us through website chat, e-mail or through Whats App number for more info.

Enjoy Your Holiday at Lombok!

If you come to Lombok for holiday, there are many outdoor nature spots that you can visit and spend your time, like the Mandalika area where there are many beautiful beaches there, like Seger Beach, Aan Beach, Kuta beach and many more. They are all perfect to have a relaxation with your loved ones and refresh your energy. Visiting outdoor place in the pandemic is better choice rather that indoor place, because you have more space and the air will be in the wide place or not trapped in a room.

The Tourism Office of West Nusa Tenggara has guaranteed a holiday with healthy protocol at many tourism spots at Lombok including the accomodation, like the hotel. Many hotels has implement rules of health protocol, like provide you hand sanitizer, the staffs wearing a mask, and give signs for area that is not allowed to stand or seat for the sake of physical distancing.


There are many place that you can visit at Lombok. That is why it is good to drive the car by your own self. It helps you to freely and easily move from one place to another. Happy Holiday!